Thanks for all the brave warriors at Patriot Golf!

I decided it was time to upgrade my equipment. I didnt know what I wanted. Then I received an email from Patriot Golf offering to try out new woods made by veterans. I am not a veteran but I try to support companies that are owed and or run by veterans. I can say I have never his a driver as strait as I do with your. I would never use a drive because I had a nasty slice. I guess old age has help he hit your 10.5. I gave up on using my fairway woods long ago and use irons for most of the course.

Patriot Golf has changed that. I’m not perfect but current results have given me a new enthusiasm for the game.

Thanks for all the brave warriors at Patriot Golf!!! I appreciate the sacrifices you’ve made.

Oh I forgot to tell you……..YOUR NOT GETTING THESE BACK!!!

J. Ingalls