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Patriot Golf B2 Wood

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Patriot Golf’s new B-2 Spirit Woods are some of the most explosive woods you’ll ever hit! Custom built to your specifications these clubs will deliver impeccable performance off the fairway…

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Heater Cup Face
The new Heater Cup Face is designed to be more explosive at impact for more ball velocity and maximum distance off the fairway.
B2 Spirit Chassis
Reinforced frame with mass positioned lower creating greater energy transfer for higher launch angle with lower spin.
B2 Spirit Trench Zone
Ignites the variable thickness across the entire club face expanding the sweet spot from heel to toe for increased forgiveness.
Long Drive AccuFlex Shaft
Patriot Golf has partnered with AccuFlex to deliver you with a Long Drive Series shaft packed with Load & Release Technology to deliver more consistency, accuracy and distance.

Additional information

Hand Orientation

Right, Left

Club Type

3, 5, 7, 9

Shaft Type

Graphite, Steel

Shaft Flex

Extra Stiff, Stiff, Regular, Senior, Ladies

Grip Size

Standard, Midsize, Oversize

5 reviews for Patriot Golf B2 Wood

  1. m_chiclana (verified owner)

    I took an offer to try 3 woods together with a driver. What a surprise when shot the first few balls at the range using the 3, 5 and 7. My avg distance with the 3 increased close to 20yds. Tried them at the course and surprisingly get my scores down on all courses I played using these woods. Very well balanced, sturdy, forgiving, good looking and feeling. I highly recommend Patriot Golf Clubs.

  2. joel.schilke73 (verified owner)

    I got an offer for 3 different woods and am surprised at how well I hit the ball and how consistent the clubs seemed. Love the woods and looking forward to more products from Patriot Golf. They make high end equipment. Loving my 7 wood, most consitent club I hit now

  3. Joshua Wolk

    I received a 3wood and have been using it for a couple weeks now. I do not have a more consistent club in my bag. I am not shocked knowing the company, but amazed at just how clean and consistent I can hit the ball regardless of conditions with this club. It is time to start changing out the rest of my bag to Patriot Golf. My son is just getting started, and i am starting him with a set of these clubs.

  4. robmac13 (verified owner)

    I have never had any club fit to my specifications and I wasn’t sure how much of a difference it would make. The first time I stepped up to the ball with the Patriot 5 Wood, I knew the difference. My setup to the ball felt very natural, like the club was just an extension of my arms. The ball flight was about the same distance as my old 5 wood, but the accuracy was much more consistent. To me, that is the most important part.

  5. chasestauffeneker (verified owner)

    I got the 3 wood and 5 wood to try to test out a new club with the proper fitting for me. Just over the phone they were able to get a great fit for my height and the clubs improved my distance by 15+ yards per club . Highly recommend you give them try your self

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