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Patriot Golf B2 Hybrid

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Patriot Golf’s new B-2 Spirit Hybrids are some of the most explosive hybrids you’ll ever hit!  Custom built to your specifications these clubs will deliver superior performance off any surface on the course…

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Heater Cup Face
The new Heater Cup Face is designed to be more explosive at impact for more ball velocity and maximum distance off any lie angle on the course.
Hybrid B2 Spirit Chassis
Reinforced frame with mass positioned lower creating greater energy transfer for higher launch angle with lower spin.  Hybrid design incorporates the face of iron with the back of a wood for a superb combination of accuracy and distance.
B2 Spirit Trench Zone
Ignites the variable thickness across the entire club face expanding the sweet spot from heel to toe for increased forgiveness.
Long Drive AccuFlex Shaft
Patriot Golf has partnered with AccuFlex to deliver you with a Long Drive Series shaft packed with Load & Release Technology to deliver more consistency, accuracy and distance.

Additional information

Hand Orientation

Right, Left

Club Type

Hybrid Driver, 3, 4, 5, 6, 2

Shaft Type

Graphite, Steel

Shaft Flex

Extra Stiff, Stiff, Regular, Senior, Ladies

Grip Size

Standard, Midsize, Oversize

3 reviews for Patriot Golf B2 Hybrid

  1. Kieran Mcfadden

    I don’t carry a hybrid in my bag, I have never tried one. A fellow I was playing 18 with yesterday had one of these and let me try it out. Holy accuracy and distance with the first swing, again I’ve never tried a hybrid before and this was so easy to use. I do plan on purchasing this as soon as I am able.

  2. Mike Moon (verified owner)

    I’ve replaced my Mizuno 3 metal with this #2 hybrid, which is much more forgiving, and with a good roll, hits just as far as my driver. It has a nice weight and feel to it. It’s also nice to support our awesome veterans at the same time.

  3. joel Watson

    My wife who is 67, has been playing with a mixed bag of older clubs for the last four years. Some of the clubs are over 20 years old. She had lessons but really did not play well when she and I started playing together.
    Her average good drive is 130 yards. Now over time she has learned how to pay with these clubs and around the green she is deadly with her 7 iron, 7 hybrid and 7 wood depending on the landscape and distance to the green. She is now getting an average of 3 pars per 18 holes and has beaten me on occasion.
    So for Christmas I got her the Patriot Driver, 3 wood, 7 wood and Hybrid 5 which acts like a nine wood and the Driver.
    I have taught her recently to do two things when she addresses the ball.
    I have taught her to hold her hands up higher then she normally does which places the club bottom falter to the ground.
    She uses her shoulders more than trying to swing with her hips to the moon.
    This creates a straighter back swing and follow through swing so the ball is going straighter.
    At her age and mine these two little changes have made playing more efficient and less visits to Barney Rubble Trouble areas. There can be more accuracy which is what we need not distance. I thank Moe Norman for teaching me this trick.
    She was hitting very straight balls consistently off all the new clubs.
    Her driver is going a good 10 to 15 yards farther than her good shots off her old driver. She probably will hit a little longer as she get use to the driver.
    Both her woods out performed her older clubs very sell with 10 to 20 yards more distance constantly and they are straight down the fairway. Her 7 wood was over hitting the green all too often which means long for her.
    The 5 hybrid which can act like a nine wood even out hit her older seven hybrid and 7 iron, and she is getting the ball higher and softer on the green when she relaxed and took a shorter swing to manage the distance to the green.
    We went out on a very difficult 9 executive course and tried all of the clubs hitting two to four balls from the tee and fairway to see the constancy of the club and her swing abilities.
    I will tell you, I am very impressed what she could do with these clubs. She had three pars with very poor greens to putt on. Normally if she gets on par a round, it is a good game for her.

    She is very excited about her game now and looks forward to beating me more often, I will have to step up my game fellows. Sneaking a couple Patriot Clubs into my bag may be a necessity.
    When I ordered, I gave the company representative Her height and swing speed of say 65 to 74. We have about the same swing speed as I am 75 years of age and play the slow but prodding old man style of golf. Hitting in the mid 70’s on good days and low 80’s on fair days.
    Las Vegas Duffer Joel Watson

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