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Patriot Golf B2 Driver

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Patriot Golf’s new B-2 Spirit Driver is one of the most explosive drivers you’ll ever hit! Custom built to your specifications this club will deliver impeccable performance off the tee box…

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Technology & Benefits

Heater Cup Face
The new Heater Cup Face is designed to be more explosive at impact for more ball velocity and maximum distance off the tee.
B2 Spirit Chassis
Reinforced frame with mass positioned lower and further back creating greater energy transfer for higher launch angle with lower spin.
B2 Spirit Trench Zone
Ignites the variable thickness across the entire club face expanding the sweet spot from heel to toe for increased forgiveness.
Long Drive AccuFlex Shaft
Patriot Golf has partnered with AccuFlex to deliver you with a Long Drive Series shaft packed with Load & Release Technology to deliver more consistency, accuracy and distance.

Additional information

Hand Orientation

Left, Right


9.5, 10.5, 12

Shaft Type


Shaft Flex

Extra Stiff, Stiff, Regular, Senior, Ladies

Grip Size

Standard, Midsize, Oversize

10 reviews for Patriot Golf B2 Driver

  1. Josh (verified owner)

    One trip to the course with the Driver and three wood and they immediately replaced my other clubs. Added ~10 yds and kept me in the fairway.

  2. James Smith

    I have been testing this club for the past few months. I had it customized to me and I have made it the club for my bag. I have been able to control the club strike more and have more distance and accuracy. I have only been playing for about 2 years now and happy with this club and the other woods. I had the 3W break and called their customer center. I had a replacement club custom made and sent out to me within a weeks time. They are a very friendly company and love how it’s a Veteran’s company.

  3. dcsportsdad (verified owner)

    I had mine customized with draw correct so it took a little getting used to. Now consistently hitting in the middle of the fairway. Really like their 5 and 7 woods as well. Great customer service and can’t go wrong supporting a veteran owned company.

  4. Vern (verified owner)

    I took a flyer and accepted the offer to test drive the Driver, 3, 5, 7 woods. At first I was skeptical, but when I took the clubs to the range and started hitting straighter and longer drives I actually couldn’t believe it. My coach asked me to let him try them and he too was impressed. He, being a Callaway rep was not happy when I sold my Rogue Driver and Mavrik Fairways. The Driver, 3 & 5 woods are in my bag for the foreseeable future. Way to go Patriot Golf.

  5. m_chiclana (verified owner)

    Have been playing and practicing with the B2 Bomber Driver for the past 3 weeks and I’m really impressed with the quality, sturdiness, accuracy and forgiveness of this driver. Immediately off the range I started noticing increases of around 20 yds from my previous driver. I have seen as high as 35 yds increase shots. Trying to mess some shots, noticed that even trying to hit it bad, shot did not looked so bad as with my previous driver, it is very forgiving. As soon as I hit the first shot, that beautiful sound of a solid shot combined with 275+ yds make a few players look and asked what brand was the driver! I let them tried it too and they were surprised as well. Some of the pros had the chance to test them too and give a show on the range that night.

  6. lukekarlson10 (verified owner)

    Just started playing golf again recently and was impressed with how well and long I could hit the ball. when looking for a set of clubs for myself I came across patriot golf and figured I’d give them a try, and boy am I glad I did. These clubs are light and built great. And you know what else? This B2 Bomber added 7 yards to my drive and I can hit the ball a lot straighter. The other clubs are great as well. In a couple weeks here I’ll be purchasing the Hybrid and can’t wait to try it out. Thanks Patriot Golf, you guys rock and I’ll be using your clubs forever.

  7. Jim Ronge

    I have gotten the 3,5, and 7 woods. They are excellent. I thought most club reviews were bull****, but I am impressed . Live in WI so only got to use them 5 or 6 times as winter is on the way. Hitting the ball straighter and further even off the fairways. Very good clubs, well balanced, great grips, and fair price. Can’t wait to use them all next season.

  8. robmac13 (verified owner)

    The fit and feel of this club was amazing. I wasn’t sure how big of a deal it would be to have a club that was fit to my build, but it felt much more natural to me in my setup than any of my previous drivers. I took it to the range with my other driver and found that the flight of the ball was much straighter than with my old driver.

  9. TS (verified owner)

    I have played a few rounds now with the driver and 3wood. I really enjoy both clubs. They are easy to hit and my consistency has greatly improved. The driver replaced a TaylorMade that I had been playing for a few years. I’ve never used fairway woods because I’ve never been able to hit them well enough. Now though, I use the Patriot 3wood several times each round and I love it.

  10. James Boudreau

    Got a free 5 wood at the Portland Me. Golf expo this year. I’ve been looking for a wood to hit off the fairway for the last few years. I’ve taken the club out to the golf course for 6 rounds this year and absolutely love it. I’ve hit this club better and more consistently off the deck than any club I’ve tried before. Currently saving up for the driver, can’t wait to try one out.

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