Online Package – 6 Hybrid Iron | Trailblazer Putter | Accessories

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Includes: Patriot Golf B2 #6 Hybrid Iron, Trailblazer Golf Mallet or Blade Putter, and Accessories Package.

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Package Includes:

Patriot Golf B2 #6 Hybrid Iron
Heater Cup Face technology for more explosive impact and maximum distance off any lie angle on the course. Equipped with a Frequency Matched & Balanced Graphite Shaft.

Trailblazer Mallet or Blade Putter
Laser Milled Face Technology provides for more feel for a truer roll. Heel-to-Toe Weighting provides increased stability for more consistency and square face on impact.

Accessories Package
Indoor Practice Hitting Mat, Sunglasses, Switchblade Divot Tool & Ball Marker, Golfers Finger Tape & Digital Range Scope.